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April 25, 2011

Is your writing overblown and verbose...or succinct to the point of being scanty?

I'm pretty sure nobody's going to admit to being overblown OR verbose. And let's face it, word limits touted by many publishers for their new acquisitions have a great deal more to do with the commercial realities of the industry than they do with reader preferences or literary quality.

Still - there are those of us who write long, and those who write short. And those who despite the best of intentions, and a wonderful art display on their hospital wall (forgive the poor quality iPhone picture)

...don't write very much of anything at all. (Any NaNoWriMo participant worth their salt would be horrified by my less-than-stellar writing progress this month. On the other hand I've completed some beautiful Swarovski crystal, pearl, and sterling silver wire-wrapped jewelry for my friend to wear at her wedding in July. Does that count?)

April 4, 2011

How to complete the A-Z Challenge in one day from a hospital bed...

I'm not a daily blogger and probably never will be as I'm too respectful of my blog followers to torture them that way; so I'm not officially participating in the A-Z blogging Challenge...but couldn't resist my own hospital-inspired A-Z post seeing as I'm in here for another four weeks. Yes I DID get to go home but went back by ambulance 13 hours later. Long story.

If you know anyone in hospital, THIS

...will cheer them up. Trust me. (big thank you to my baby sister for this)

Anyway, without further ado...
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